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  • OneDrive : la fonction de fichiers à la demande est (presque) disponible pour tous?
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For example, it randomly froze up for a few seconds, the new App Store was slow to launch until I force quit it, and there were several other small issues. I highly recommend you take a minute to go over the checklist to avoid potential data loss and other issues. Also, if you are using your Mac for work, do not update the machine right away as it may take more time than you thought. Instead, do it at home if possible. Ready to go? Now go ahead and update your Mac. More details: Normally, once you download macOS Mojave installer, all you need to do is follow the instructions e.

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But you may see one of the following pop-up errors, or something similar:. Not every Mac machine can be upgraded to the latest macOS. It must meet these basic hardware and software requirements. For example, if you are on Sierra Your mileage may vary, especially if your Mac runs Sierra, El Capitan, or an older version. First, check how many Login Items you have and disable those unnecessary ones. If the startup disk on your Mac is almost full, you need to free up as much disk space as possible. Check out this article that shows 10 useful techniques to gain more storage, as well as tips to prevent your hard disk from filling up.

Lastly, if you are on an old Mac with a spinning hard drive or Fusion Drive rather than solid-state flash storage, chances are it will take much longer to start up.

However, I ran into this error: a blank page?! This screenshot was taken before adjusting my MacBook Pro to Dark Mode, yours may look like a black page. More Details : I mainly use Chrome on my Mac. How to Fix : In my case, the random freeze only last for a few seconds and everything went back to normal.

OneDrive : la fonction de fichiers à la demande est (presque) disponible pour tous

Chrome may be using more resources than it should. My first suggestion to those of you who are facing Safari, Chrome, Firefox or any other Mac web browser issues on macOS Mojave is this: update your browser to the latest version. Meanwhile, try to open as few tabs as possible while you are surfing the Internet. If the issue still persists, check if your Mac has Adware or malware. For example, I found Ulysses the best writing app for Mac , Airmail the best email client for Mac , along with a few other Apple apps waiting to be updated. If the app developer has yet to release a Mojave-compatible version, your last option is to find an alternate program.

I have the same result as Viking2: It works perfect but I get the problem back after a while. Did not work for me. There must be more than one culprit for slow population of files in new finder windows… :. Thanks so much. This worked like a charm for me. I had been wondering what was wrong with my Mac for over a week before discovering this fix.

I got everything working pretty well, but the slow Finder was still driving me nuts …but no more. Disable the new iCloud Drive and it will speed all the file opening and saving dialogue boxes. This is the real fix. The cache deletion is only temporary. Deleting the CloudKit cache made no difference, but disabling the DropBox Finder Integration solved the problem for me :.

Thanks Matteo. This fixed it for me.

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I am nor really sure if it worked for me too. Just one thing: Closing a finder window is still faster than opening a new finder window. I do not see any strong reason for that…. Closing a finder window is really instantaneous. Opening a finder window takes a tiny while enough to illuminate in blue the File menu, distract the attention a and realize that you are waiting. I wonder if that is the real behavior of the OS. Thanks, this fix works BUT the same problem returns!

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So I repeat, problem fixed but within a few hours the very sluggish performance comes back. Any further clues greatly appreciated. Works perfectly. An absurd downgrade in work efficiency solved…. Brilliant and wonderful that you provided it. It worked! Thanks for this tip. I agree with charley that Yosemite is a pain. My iMac is the oldest model that will run Yosemite, and I had been blaming all my problems, such as this, on my hardware struggling with new faster software. But clearly the hardware is not the problem. It changed my photos orders, added photos from different events to other events, deleted all my photos and deleted my iPhoto icon from my finder bar.

I mistakenly thought it was a iPhoto upgrade and did not realize my original iPhoto was still hidden in applications. Apple you are so screwing things up. I hate the upgrades that make friendly intuitive programs clunky and difficult. Please stop screwing with us. Just when I get used to a new program you mess with it making it a pain in the buttocks.

I had a problem like that so I turned off and on my MBP and the problem disappeared. Might have helped indeed. In This was driving me nuts. I was ready to do a clean install. Thanks , works perfect. I tried several other procedures without any success, including new apple This process works flawlessly. This procedure worked for me first time. Yosemite has got to be the buggiest OS yet. Please Apple skip a year with the updates and spend time getting it right. Like, barely works bad.

And honestly, OS X Yosemite is so bad, it feels like the bad type of outsourced development; rushed, buggy, half-baked, half-arsed, inconsistent. Name required.

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