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Stunning combinations of items, assorted to various themes. Redstone, brewing kits and more.

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Various animals, creatures and deadly monsters. From bunnies to giants - and some surprises too. The greatest reward of all.

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Chests, forts temples and more, build with detail and perfection. Beware, for luck is not always on your side. Water, lava, anvils and other dangers lurk. You cannot guess what you will get from the Lucky Block. Prepare to face the unexpected. Custom outcomes. Easy to install. Download Lucky Block add-ons. Or create your own today.

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Lucky Block. With the Lucky Block Find and Create.

More Info. The Lucky Block is my favorite mod. It's fun to be surprised by what you get. You can get Create Addons. Download the Lucky Block mod, and enjoy testing your luck. Minecraft Forge. Download Minecraft Forge, required for the Lucky Block mod. Enjoy sir! Download technic launcher. It has a ton of mods and modpacks to play on.

Go to your library and search technic Launcher. Creat a shortcut, and then u can play the mods. Make sure you downloaded the desired forge and make sure it is selected on your profile when you open the game. There you go! If your 7 year old wants mods, he needs to do this the following: 1.

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It has a ton of other mods and it still is close to the most recent version of minecraft. Before you install forge you have to get java for it to work. After you have java installed, go to your minecraft file, and put your forge into the mods folder.

It should work just the same. Double click forge and it will run. Play minecraft and create and new installation. Where it says versions click that and scroll to the bottom and it should say forge. Click that and click done. Play it once then exit out.

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Install any mods that are your forge version. If you installed 1. Play minecraft and load in a new world. Is it for survival only? Thanks heap if you reply. My 6 year old daughter just informed me that you can open them in creative mode by using redstone and a redstone torch. Go to the Lucky Block download page, it tells you how. Well, I was in creative mode and something happened to me when I shift-broke it… My game crashed! My computer is not so beefy, so I can see why! We installed this and it works in creative but not survival mode.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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What can I do?! I loved how good this mod was trust me guys you would love it more than you would think it would be. Say if I had the superheroes unlimited mod also downloaded and installed would the lucky blocks drop items from that mod. This mod helps Minecraft players that need help with items that are rare or challenges minecrafters with bad luck. But you can check the forum for the official page that will link you to any previous versions. Everyone loves the Lucky Block Mod!

Its so fun. Its just like opening Blind Boxes but in Minecraft! Are you using a dispenser or dropper? Because the crafting recipe says to use a dropper surrounded by 8 gold. It isnt giving me the option to use it in my current multiplayer world. I got the mod to work but I was told I should spawn initially into a big city area with various builds, but I spawn in someplace away from any civilization.