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Large portions of geckodriver and the [webdriver] library it is based on has been refactored to accommodate using serde for JSON serialization.

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We have also made great strides to improving WebDriver conformance , to the extent that geckodriver is now almost entirely conforming to the standard. This capability informs whether the attached browser supports manipulating the window dimensions and position. A new extension capability moz:geckodriverVersion is returned upon session creation. An invalid session ID error is now returned when there is no active session.

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An invalid argument error is now returned when Add Cookie is given invalid parameters. The handshake when geckodriver connects to Marionette has been hardened by killing the Firefox process if it fails. The HTTP server geckodriver uses, hyper , has been upgraded to version 0. The version number is available through --version , and now also through a new moz:geckodriverVersion field in the matched capabilities.

Parsing timeout object values has been made WebDriver conforming, by allowing floats as input. The commit hash and date displayed when invoking --version is now well-formatted when built from an hg repository, thanks to Jeremy Lempereur.

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Note that with this release of geckodriver the minimum recommended Firefox and Selenium versions have changed:. The unhandledPromptBehavior capability now accepts accept and notify , dismiss and notify , and ignore options. Note that the unhandled prompt handler is not fully supported in Firefox at the time of writing. Firefox will now be started with the -foreground and -no-remote flags if they have not already been specified by the user in moz:firefoxOptions. All Marionette commands changed to make use of the WebDriver: prefixes introduced with Firefox On certain system configurations, where localhost resolves to an IPv6 address, geckodriver would attempt to connect to Firefox on the wrong IP stack, causing the connection attempt to time out after 60 seconds.

We now ensure that geckodriver uses IPv4 consistently to both connect to Firefox and for allocating a free port. On Unix systems macOS, Linux , geckodriver falsely reported non-executable files as valid binaries. When stdout and stderr is redirected by geckodriver, a bug prevented the redirections from taking effect.

With the change to allow Firefox enough time to shut down in 0. This caused geckodriver to inaccurately report a successful Firefox shutdown as a failure. The regression should not have caused any functional problems, but the termination cause and the exit status are now reported correctly. New --jsdebugger flag to open the Browser Toolbox when Firefox launches.

This is useful for debugging Marionette internals. The Firefox process is now given ample time to shut down, allowing enough time for the Firefox shutdown hang monitor to kick in. Firefox has an integrated background monitor that observes long-running threads during shutdown.

These threads will be killed after 63 seconds in the event of a hang. To allow Firefox to shut down these threads on its own, geckodriver has to wait that time and some additional seconds. Added preference extensions. Introduced the temporary, boolean capability moz:webdriverClick to enable the WebDriver conforming behavior of the Element Click command. Added preference dom. The proxyType noproxy has been replaced with direct in accordance with recent WebDriver specification changes.

The WindowRectParameters have been updated to return signed bit integers in accordance with the CSS and WebDriver specifications, and to be more liberal with the input types.

Mapped the FullscreenWindow to the correct Marionette command. To make sure no browser process is left behind when the NewSession fails, the process is closed immediately now. Ignore Learn more. Watch Star 3. Code Issues Pull requests 0 Security Pulse. Dismiss Be notified of new releases Create your free GitHub account today to subscribe to this repository for new releases and build software alongside 40 million developers.

Sign up. Releases Tags. Latest release. Known problems macOS Windows: You must still have the Microsoft Visual Studio redistributable runtime installed on your system for the binary to run. Added Support for Firefox on Android Starting with this release geckodriver is able to connect to Firefox on Android systems, and to control packages based on GeckoView. Changed Continued Marionette refactoring changes 0.

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Fixed Connection attempts to Firefox made more reliable geckodriver now waits for the Marionette handshake before assuming the session has been established. Corrected error codes used during session creation When a new session was being configured with invalid input data, the error codes returned was not always consistent. Assets 7.

Source code zip. Source code tar. This commit was signed with a verified signature. Thanks to Bastien Orivel for this patch. Thanks to Nupur Baghel for this patch. Thanks to Shivam Singhal for this patch. This work should have no visible side-effects for users. Improved error messages for incorrect command-line usage Fixed Errors related to incorrect command-line usage no longer hidden By mistake, earlier versions of geckodriver failed to print incorrect flag use. Search system path for Firefox binary on BSDs geckodriver would previously only search the system path for the firefox binary on Linux.

Removed Turned off builds for arm7hf, which will no longer be released but can still be built from the source. Changed webdriver crate upgraded to 0.

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Fixed desiredCapabilities and requiredCapabilities are again recognised on session creation A regression in 0. Log level formatted to expected Marionette input A regression in 0. SHA1s in version information uses limited number of characters The SHA1 used in --version when building geckodriver from a git repository is now limited to 12 characters, as it is when building from an hg checkout. Assets 8.

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Added Support for WebDriver web element-, web frame-, and web window identifiers from Firefox. Added support for the non-configurable setWindowRect capability from WebDriver. The handshake read timeout has been reduced to 10 seconds instead of waiting forever.


The webdriver library has been updated to version 0. Fixed Parsing timeout object values has been made WebDriver conforming, by allowing floats as input. I'm wondering what's the reason behind this Anyway, I've been using this channel rather than the "stable" one for a few years now since v38 ESR after having had some issues, and I don't regret it. Recent Firefox release history has shown how much ESR is a good choice even for home users. Actually, ESR is the "really stable" channel, compared to the " quite stable" one. Things are a bit different in as FF57 has changed its core, as everybody knows, and for the time being, the ESR channel is also the choice you make to keep using old extensions — until the next ESR branch FF60, next summer.

Like 1. As of July 9, , there are actually two current ESR versions available First of all, I've got a whole lotta. As I still consider. My current main browser is Chromium, my second choice is Waterfox. I've got also 1Password 4 that's still working nicely between all my current browsers: if I switch to Quantum, I have to switch to 1P6 or Enpass and lose that compatibility.