Sweex external sound card 5.1 mac

Otherwise it is not available as a sound device.

Rear left, right and center speakers not working - external sound card 5.1

There is nothing I can do about this because it has nothing to do with the enabler. It seems to be caused by a quirky USB or audio driver in the operating system itself and will hopefully be fixed in an upcoming Lion update. The source code 44kB is also available. Mind that I myself have not used the CMbased sound card for several years. Instead I bought a proper hardware 5. It is possible this enabler will not work in the most recent Mac OS X versions. If this is the case, your best option is to download the source code and try to fix it yourself, because my motivation to work on this enabler is very low.

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing it is still quite a hassle to get surround sound properly set up on OS X. Therefore I made a checklist of what you should do to get 5. Instructions for configuring a multi-channel sound card in OS X. To test if all channels work, you can download the following AC3 test sound. You could also use it to roughly calibrate the volumes for each channel on your audio system. Download 5. I recommend Plex to play this file — and any movie with surround sound for that matter.

You must have Plex Media Server running and let it build a database of your movie collection, but once you get the hang of this it is a great media player. You may have some difficulty finding where all these settings are scattered around depending on the version of Plex, but it is worth the effort. VLC also has multi-channel output, but it is dodgy.

I suspect 5. As I have explained elsewhere , these are two entirely different situations. With this specific sound card you can do both, although on a regular Mac you do not need a USB sound card to do optical passthrough: simply use a tiny 3.

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  • setting up external sound card?

It is a simple sound card with 6 or 8 output channels and a few input channels. The software you use must support built-in 5. For instance VLC and the most recent version of Plex support it. There is no software that I know of, that can decode a Dolby or DTS signal coming in through the optical input and send the audio to the card's outputs although in theory this could be possible.

Sweex USB Sound Card Unboxing

Do not expect to get surround from stereo material. If you play music in iTunes or a YouTube video, it will still be stereo. An application must address all six or eight output channels to produce output on all speakers. When playing stereo sound, i. There are ways to get upmixing in MPlayer and even system-level upmixing by using Jack , but neither methods are really practical.

Soundflower should also allow this in an easier way. I do not know of any OS X software that can do this. To be honest, I do not recommend this kind of sound card to anyone who wants to get hassle-free surround sound on their Mac. These cards are most useful to people who want multiple sound channel output for special applications. But for simple 5. OSX says "The selected device has no output controls".

So the volume is basically "stuck" all way up. I can change the volume from apps that have their own controls like iTunes though. Would be nice to find a way to control the master volume though.

7.1/5.1 External USB Sound cards (OS X compatible)

Of course you can just unplug the mic and that's it. Small question : mic works for X-Fi Surround 5. Just wondering if the full 5. I've got creative x-fi surround 5. I must control volumn in the speaker. Does it really doesn't work all the channels???

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  5. But when I play music via iTunes, only center and fronts works. Anyone know solution? I would appreciate that!

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    I installed you attached file - SoundBlaster. I guess this will not work for my LION. What the hell. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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