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But then last week I found a poster who recommended Plex media server and its so good I'm trying to find the post and poster to thank him. Plex server is totally free but you can pay for mobile clients. This may sound set up but save yourself the pain and effort and try Plex first. Plex takes a while to run through a big, say 3tb collection but it genuinely has been the most painless and reliable of all I've tried and the searchable options are far more varied and sensible than those for others.

Don't want to name names but I've pretty much tried them all. The only thing I can't comment on is transcoding; I assume their clients manage this.

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From my perspective, I needed something to access my library, rather than rely on hardware specific transcoding. If you need this its a mixed bag regarding codec support, and I found the issues with other servers made the solution less viable. Connect was not bad for xbox, they also do a PS version, but for straight media serving, Plex no question. XBMC seems to work but not thoroughly tested.

Apparently there is a way to get plex to see twonky but I cant figure it. Probably the best bet on a PPC is to get a distro of Ubuntu and go from there If you have multiple apple machines, then far and away the best thing is iTunes I stick to version 9 , get vine server and chicken of the vnc Due to my Smart TV not having a qwerty keyboard and really rubbish remote.

I tend to stream movies directly to the PS3 which connects each time I switch it on. Vuze is a free torrent client that includes DMS and transcoding.

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I just have problems with Plex not understanding my naming convention for TV show episodes. They get out of order and the program reads 4,14, as the number 4 for episode numbers. I previously spent a lot of time naming them how they make sense to me. I do enjoy the artwork that Plex brings up for certain titles. Playback didn't try to re-order or rename anything. It just reflected exactly what the folder contents were in alphabetical order. It also had it's own security settings such as only allowing certain devices to connect to the server by ip address.


MPlayer OSX Extended

When viewed through the PS3 it displayed album art or a snapshot from that episode. It was extremely easy to setup -- it installs as a preference pane plug-in, there are four things to configure and a 'Start' button. Best of all, you can try it for free for 30 minutes; I purchased it after about 4. There's also an App-store version that is a straight-up application. Also, the last software was two years ago , as of this writing. But it works and was easy to setup. Thank you for your interest in this question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

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Streaming and Sharing Media

Ask Question. The only requirement is that the UPnP media player must be a member of your network.

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  • Using the EyeConnect preference pane, you can select the type of content that EyeConnect will stream from your Mac. Currently, EyeConnect can stream any EyeTV recordings you have made, videos in MP4 format, music in various formats, your iTunes music library, and images. EyeConnect can't stream iTunes videos, at least not directly from your iTunes library.

    If the video doesn't have any DRM, it can be streamed by adding its folder to the list of places that EyeConnect will check for content. EyeConnect is a streaming server that's capable of playing and streaming content located on a Mac.

    MPlayer OSX Extended

    It cannot stream content that originates elsewhere, such as from a Hulu feed in your browser. It works well and is easy to set up and configure. If you have a large collection of supported media types on your Mac, and a UPnP AV media device attached to or built into your HDTV, then EyeConnect may well be the simplest solution for watching your favorite movies, listening to music or viewing your photos on your HDTV without keeping a Mac nearby.

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